So I finally figured it out

Yes, the damned Asp.Net / Django Repeater… Turns out it’s ten times easier (and more flexible) to use in-line templates and context objects to handle variable insertion… I’ve modified the code so it works with objects and multiple fields in the object as arguments. The code TBA!

Django / Python Asp.Net style Repeater

One of the best controls in Asp.Net is the repeater &¬†datalistcontrols – they let you simply create repeating columns / rows of whatever output you wished to show from a set of database records… No html required – just drop your bindings into the template object and you were good to go… Django does this(…)

Django Ranking Algorithm – Reddit Style

CookdIt.Com never featured a ranking algorithm that took into account a users participation in the site, so I decided to add one. The logic¬†behind the code calculator¬†was as follows: Total Link contributions Total comment contributions Average naturalised T-Score of the votes for links submitted Total the above and get the log10() This might not be(…)

CookdIt! is alive! (in Alpha)

I’m very happy to announce that my django experiment has finally come to fruition – excuse the ugly design, it was after all put together over the cours of a couple of weeks (here and there) and I must say it’s actuall ybeen more complicated than expected… Now that the site is up I’ll be(…)

The Semantic Web – and why we’ll get there

Here’s my beef: The semantic web is the future of the Internet – smart, understanding applications that can grasp meaning from context. The dream of AI researchers – conscious understanding of semantic meaning from unstructured data. That dream implies reasoning and intuitive understanding and learning, it has fueled AI research for decades and is still(…)

Advertising is going too far…

Slashdot has an article pertaining to a new ranking algorithm patent being applied for by Google called FriendRank – which is essentially a way of identifying the most influencial person in a community with the goal of financially incentivizing them to advertise products eitther by advertising to them directly or getting them to advertise for(…)

Users, managers and the design cycle

I try not to bitch about the traps in my job – but I think the singular beef of being a developer is the end-user. I know we are meant to be developing for them, but in the end I think most developers actually program for themselves. They try to produce code that interests them(…)

The tide of business…

As a Microsoft aficionado I’ve been watching with certain dismay as Google dominates the internet and competes with Microsoft on their various platforms (most notably mail and documents). But the recent post I read about employees leaving Google for Microsoft and now the probe into the Google / Yahoo deal makes for an interesting insight(…)

Open Source vs. Windows and why Windows wins

I may not be an expert on the subject, but in the great debate of open source versus windows (notice I’m not saying Linux vs. Windows – although that’s got a lot to do with it) it only recently became truly evident to me why the latter is less likely to succeed the profit motive(…)

So here it is…

I’ve recently started learning Python for the singular reason of getting into Django coding – what with Google Apps using python and a deprecated django installation I feel it’s a worthy area to explore… What I couldn’t believe was how incredibly AWESOME django and python are… I was amazed at how quickly I picked it(…)