Mobile is the way forward… maybe.

I have a Nokia 6220 classic with an unlimited data plan, and I must say it’s pretty awesome. It runs Symbian, has a ton of free software that can run on it, Nokia’s MOSH service is very cool for getting apps to the phone and it has GPS to guide me through my retarded meanderings(…)

Setting a Django coding record?

This week we’ve been putting together two websites: one was an emergency code hack’n’slash – very messy, and the other a pristine jewel of a site. What is incredible is that we completed their development in 7 days (one website took a grand total of 7 hours). What I’m getting at is how incredibly quick(…)

New Django Site Launch:

I think I should mention – and I’m super happy to announce that my latest site: the Ryanair Magazine website, has finally gone live! Just a note though – I’m not responsible for the design, but I did code the entire thing up in Django Some highlights: Amazon API integration OpenCalais API Auto-tagging Relationship ranking(…)

More on the hp mininote review

It’s been about 8 hours since I got this little baby and am slowly realising that blogging on the bus isn’t necessaril the most comfortable thing… however, there is a certain novelty in the act My impressions so far – I am not dissapointed, the machine boots in a fairly decent time, does exactly what(…)

Pining for AJAX and Django in the Jungles of .Net

I must come across as a bit of a django fanboy, but it just keeps getting cooler the more I work with it… Today I had to launch a massive, bespoke webparts integrated intranet for the firm I work for – the entire thing is written in Asp.Net 3.5 with the AJAX CTP and even(…)

All Right, maybe they have a point

Admittedly as the results roll in on Cuil it seems all is not rosy, and my previous aggressive stance against the naysayers is looking unfounded… to be honest though I do think that the ridiculous complaints that were surfacing at first were retarded, and I stand by my opinion that any egotist that searched for(…)

Why Cuil May Be Cool afterall…

Ok, so what is all this fuss about? The entire internet is up in arms because a start-up search engine isn’t google! Typical entry: “OH MY GOD! THE GOOGLE-BEATING STARTUP ISN’T EXACTLY LIKE GOOGLE!” It’s a sorry state when people can’t see the merits of a truly magnificent piece of engineering – all I see(…)

The Chance to Begin Again

IT is all about platforms – at least when it comes to real money, particularly desktop platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux – with Microsoft holding a strong majority on a closed system. Microsoft’s monopoly of the desktop platform is – in this blogger’s opinion – the successful driver of the software(…)

Final version – ASP.Net Repeater style function

Here is the final version – it uses Django Template Objects and Contexts… just pass the appropriate function and it generates your table: <code> #Repeater with Templating &amp; multiple vars! def another_repeater(cols, template, var, repeatme, tableclass): out = " <table class="&quot; + tableclass + &quot;" border="0" cellpadding="2"> <tbody> <tr>" rows = len(repeatme) / colscolcount =(…)