IMPY – A Python Wrapper for InvoiceMachine

A while back I coded this little gem because I didn’t want to have to create an invoicing app for one of my projects, instead I thought it easiest to just export that functionality to a service.

My service of choice (and a great one for freelancers everywhere) is InvoiceMachine – a really simple, really pretty invoice manager.

So here I present IMPY – a python wrapper for invoice machine.

Great Little Helpers For Django

Over time I’ve found several really great apps that can really help you out with your next app – these apps take a lot of the work out of handling large sections of your site and can make your life much easier when developing your next great webapp. So here’s the list of my top(…)

Django file upload progress bar – without Flash

So I was facing a little problem – I had massive file uploads to contend with and there’s nothing worse than not knowing what stage an upload is at, particularly for an impatient user. I looked around for solutions to file uploads and didn’t like anything I saw, most were flash based and cumbersome –(…)

Django API’s – Seeking Simplicity

This is a small piece of code I’ve found myself usingh quite often when building API’s – what it does, and all it’s meant to do is validate a POST or GET request and return errors and values back to the API function. I was tired of writing endless “if x in request.POST/GET” lines (particularly(…)

Customising the Django Admin

One of my favourite features of Django is the auto-created admin, if you’re like me and hate having to create UI and validate froms, then Django’s back office comes like a saviour from the heavens. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s just necessary to have more control over how the admin looks and operates, the following tutorial will(…)

Easy Efficiency Improvements in Django

It has officially been months since I’ve last updated this blog – and it’s a damn shame. In the past few months I’ve been very busy putting together Jively, and one of the first things that happened when we launched was that our servers borked and everything went black – thank you TechCrunch, thank you(…)


It’s been very quiet on this blog recently – mainly it’s been down to a new website I’ve been working on – It’s purpose: I wanted a place to update my social network accounts with images and videos from my phone, without having to hook up third party services like twitpic, also I really(…)

Django and JSON – Web services with an example from twitter

One of the great things about Python is the vast amount of libraries that are available to pull into your project – the resource at Vaults of Parnassus is a great place to start google code also tends to host lots of good python plugins. The same applies to wrappers for popular web services such(…)

Some tips on getting started with Satchmo

I’ve been playing around with Satchmo recently, and I’ve finally got it working the way I want – but it was a bit of a struggle, particularly with the configuration files – so here’s some quick tips to help anyone get started: First off – the installation documentation at the moment does not match up(…)

Platform Wars – Apple Vs. Google Vs. Microsoft – The winner: Nokia

There are two kinds of OS providers – device independent and device specific, in the first camp we have Nokia (with Symbian), Microsoft (with Windows Mobile) and Google (with Android), while in the second sit companies such as Apple and RIM (and to a certain extend Palm). Microsoft has long enjoyed a strong presence in(…)