All Right, maybe they have a point

Admittedly as the results roll in on Cuil it seems all is not rosy, and my previous aggressive stance against the naysayers is looking unfounded… to be honest though I do think that the ridiculous complaints that were surfacing at first were retarded, and I stand by my opinion that any egotist that searched for(…)

Why Cuil May Be Cool afterall…

Ok, so what is all this fuss about? The entire internet is up in arms because a start-up search engine isn’t google! Typical entry: “OH MY GOD! THE GOOGLE-BEATING STARTUP ISN’T EXACTLY LIKE GOOGLE!” It’s a sorry state when people can’t see the merits of a truly magnificent piece of engineering – all I see(…)

Final version – ASP.Net Repeater style function

Here is the final version – it uses Django Template Objects and Contexts… just pass the appropriate function and it generates your table: <code> #Repeater with Templating &amp; multiple vars! def another_repeater(cols, template, var, repeatme, tableclass): out = " <table class="&quot; + tableclass + &quot;" border="0" cellpadding="2"> <tbody> <tr>" rows = len(repeatme) / colscolcount =(…)

So I finally figured it out

Yes, the damned Asp.Net / Django Repeater… Turns out it’s ten times easier (and more flexible) to use in-line templates and context objects to handle variable insertion… I’ve modified the code so it works with objects and multiple fields in the object as arguments. The code TBA!

Django Ranking Algorithm – Reddit Style

CookdIt.Com never featured a ranking algorithm that took into account a users participation in the site, so I decided to add one. The logic behind the code calculator was as follows: Total Link contributions Total comment contributions Average naturalised T-Score of the votes for links submitted Total the above and get the log10() This might not be(…)

CookdIt! is alive! (in Alpha)

I’m very happy to announce that my django experiment has finally come to fruition – excuse the ugly design, it was after all put together over the cours of a couple of weeks (here and there) and I must say it’s actuall ybeen more complicated than expected… Now that the site is up I’ll be(…)