Those dreadful words: The Site Is Down

Quite often, as web developers we are put under pressure by clients, bosses and managers to get the job done and to get the job done on time. Most of the time, we do. But then one day, you get that dreadful call, usually on a Saturday, while you’re just about to have a sip(…)

Cloud redundancy

This is old hat to anyone running a cloud-based service, or that deploys into the cloud. But one of the best things you can do is ensure that your infrastructure is as cloud agnostic as possible. We’ve recently experienced some downtime with our (very excellent) cloud provider Digital Ocean, and while they were busy trying(…)

Python Threading and Queues – and why it’s awesome

I’ve done quite a bit of work doing web development with Django, and one thing that doesn’t really come up when doing standard CRUD work is that mostly all web sites are linear – take a request, process it and spit out a response. Sure you’re underlying architecture uses threading, but that’s invisible to the(…)

Django file upload progress bar – without Flash

So I was facing a little problem – I had massive file uploads to contend with and there’s nothing worse than not knowing what stage an upload is at, particularly for an impatient user. I looked around for solutions to file uploads and didn’t like anything I saw, most were flash based and cumbersome –(…)

Easy Efficiency Improvements in Django

It has officially been months since I’ve last updated this blog – and it’s a damn shame. In the past few months I’ve been very busy putting together Jively, and one of the first things that happened when we launched was that our servers borked and everything went black – thank you TechCrunch, thank you(…)

Django, Python and the sorry state of web services

So I’ve been working on creating web services in Python and particualrly in Django, and I’ve got to say – it’s a minefield. Not only is there a plethora of libraries to create SOAP-based services, but those libraries they are dependent on are out of date, not-supported anymore or insanely difficult to install on a(…)

Computing can be a wierd place…

Diamond film from tequila – cheap manufacturing for alternatives to silicon wafers: as much as this story is very ammusing it makes me conscious of the odd origins of computing and electronics… The intial turing machines (the forefathers of modern computing) came from applications in measuring the trajectory of artillery Packet switching networks were developed(…)

More on the hp mininote review

It’s been about 8 hours since I got this little baby and am slowly realising that blogging on the bus isn’t necessaril the most comfortable thing… however, there is a certain novelty in the act My impressions so far – I am not dissapointed, the machine boots in a fairly decent time, does exactly what(…)

Pining for AJAX and Django in the Jungles of .Net

I must come across as a bit of a django fanboy, but it just keeps getting cooler the more I work with it… Today I had to launch a massive, bespoke webparts integrated intranet for the firm I work for – the entire thing is written in Asp.Net 3.5 with the AJAX CTP and even(…)