Amazon T2 “Burstable” instance behaviour with high-availability traffic – an experiment

Over at Tyk Cloud we’re constantly trying to figure out how we can make our server-load smaller, overall machine performance higher, and optimise the cost of our infrastructure overall, part of that is estimating just what is possible with Amazons available instance types, especially the chaeap ones. The Tyk API¬†Management stack makes good use of(…)

We made another thing: Tyk Cloud (Beta)

So today we went ahead and launched Tyk Cloud¬†as an open beta, for those of you who don’t know what Tyk is, it’s an Open Source API Gateway and API Management platform, now if that’s not a mouthful to say! What is Tyk Cloud? Well, we know that people use Tyk as an API gateway(…)

Cloud IDE’s and coding on a Chromebook – An experiment

So as of version 1.3 of Tyk, I decided to give coding in the cloud a try. There’s been plenty of experiments like this, the most notable might be the fella coding on an iPad with Vim and a little bluetooth keyboard, which worked really well for him. So I thought I should give it(…)