Open Source

Great Little Helpers For Django

Over time I’ve found several really great apps that can really help you out with your next app – these apps take a lot of the work out of handling large sections of your site and can make your life much easier when developing your next great webapp. So here’s the list of my top(…)

Platform Wars – Apple Vs. Google Vs. Microsoft – The winner: Nokia

There are two kinds of OS providers – device independent and device specific, in the first camp we have Nokia (with Symbian), Microsoft (with Windows Mobile) and Google (with Android), while in the second sit companies such as Apple and RIM (and to a certain extend Palm). Microsoft has long enjoyed a strong presence in(…)

E-Commerce and Django – Satchmo Alternatives

Is it just me or is there a serious dearth in eCommerce options for Django? Recently I have been searching for a decent e-commerce frameworkand naturally I was immediately drawn to what seems to be the ideal solution: Satchmo. Unfortunately Satchmo is a serious pain to install, not only that, it has nine (9!) seperate(…)

White Noise – The Future of Mobile

TechCrunch is reporting on Google & Co’s FCC approval of unlicensed use of the ‘white space’ spectrum left over from the digital switchover in the US, there’s a similar debate going on over her in the UK – which I sincerely hope will go the same way. Why? Because this could represent the unravelling of(…)

The Chance to Begin Again

IT is all about platforms – at least when it comes to real money, particularly desktop platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux – with Microsoft holding a strong majority on a closed system. Microsoft’s monopoly of the desktop platform is – in this blogger’s opinion – the successful driver of the software(…)

Django / Python Asp.Net style Repeater

One of the best controls in Asp.Net is the repeater &¬†datalistcontrols – they let you simply create repeating columns / rows of whatever output you wished to show from a set of database records… No html required – just drop your bindings into the template object and you were good to go… Django does this(…)

The tide of business…

As a Microsoft aficionado I’ve been watching with certain dismay as Google dominates the internet and competes with Microsoft on their various platforms (most notably mail and documents). But the recent post I read about employees leaving Google for Microsoft and now the probe into the Google / Yahoo deal makes for an interesting insight(…)

Open Source vs. Windows and why Windows wins

I may not be an expert on the subject, but in the great debate of open source versus windows (notice I’m not saying Linux vs. Windows – although that’s got a lot to do with it) it only recently became truly evident to me why the latter is less likely to succeed the profit motive(…)