It’s been very quiet on this blog recently – mainly it’s been down to a new website I’ve been working on – It’s purpose: I wanted a place to update my social network accounts with images and videos from my phone, without having to hook up third party services like twitpic, also I really(…)

Django and JSON – Web services with an example from twitter

One of the great things about Python is the vast amount of libraries that are available to pull into your project – the resource at Vaults of Parnassus is a great place to start google code also tends to host lots of good python plugins. The same applies to wrappers for popular web services such(…)

Some tips on getting started with Satchmo

I’ve been playing around with Satchmo recently, and I’ve finally got it working the way I want – but it was a bit of a struggle, particularly with the configuration files – so here’s some quick tips to help anyone get started: First off – the installation documentation at the moment does not match up(…)

E-Commerce and Django – Satchmo Alternatives

Is it just me or is there a serious dearth in eCommerce options for Django? Recently I have been searching for a decent e-commerce frameworkand naturally I was immediately drawn to what seems to be the ideal solution: Satchmo. Unfortunately Satchmo is a serious pain to install, not only that, it has nine (9!) seperate(…) – Django rocks the party, again…

I’d just like to announce our latest creation – a django website, designed by the very talented Andy Shaw and developed purely in python by yours truly: Jetstar Magazine. The site, in all it’s glory, is in fact two websites – the same application manages two seperate magazines, one for Asia and one for Australia,(…)

GPS, Python and Your Phone

A while back I threw together an experimental application – and keeping with the theme of GPS in the last post I thought I’d share another little gem which could prove a really cool feature in future apps. Below I’ve outlined some code you can use to extract the EXIF data from a digital camera(…)

Awesome – Python RPC made easy…

Sometimes you find new tools that are just cool – and you have absolutely no use for,  but desperately want to use for something… today I saw just such a tool: RPyC – Remote procedure Calls with Python. The guys that put it together have put up a screencast to demo it’s functionality and it(…)

Yet another Django Site –

That’s right, we launched a new website yesterday – CNBC European Business, completely written in Django using MySQL. We did some cool things with this site, particularly: OpenCalais Integration (yes, again) – powers our recommendation system Some very nice MooTools effects A polling function using Google Charts API The Django Comments system Adobe InDesign XML-to-site(…)

Setting a Django coding record?

This week we’ve been putting together two websites: one was an emergency code hack’n’slash – very messy, and the other a pristine jewel of a site. What is incredible is that we completed their development in 7 days (one website took a grand total of 7 hours). What I’m getting at is how incredibly quick(…)

New Django Site Launch:

I think I should mention – and I’m super happy to announce that my latest site: the Ryanair Magazine website, has finally gone live! Just a note though – I’m not responsible for the design, but I did code the entire thing up in Django Some highlights: Amazon API integration OpenCalais API Auto-tagging Relationship ranking(…)