So today we went ahead and launched Tyk Cloud as an open beta, for those of you who don’t know what Tyk is, it’s an Open Source API Gateway and API Management platform, now if that’s not a mouthful to say!

What is Tyk Cloud? Well, we know that people use Tyk as an API gateway for all sorts of projects, to meter how devs use their APIs to exposing internal APIs to the world in a safe and secure way without the major headaches of managing the kind of development and reporting infrastructure that’s needed to support it themselves.

When we first built the open source version, we thought it would be a nice minor side project, but it’s gotten so much bigger than that, and we’re really happy it has. Our community is strong, we get many downloads, and people send us pull requests, bug reports, and suggestions every day. It really is fantastic. To be honest, without the community and feedback we get on a daily basis, we would never even have considered carrying on beyond basic maintenance.

So we made a thing – we took Tyk, that open source micro-service oriented project, and gave it a cloud overhaul. That’s right, you can now deploy and run Tyk without having to manage, patch, or update all that infrastructure yoruself – because we do all of that for you. We also take care of SSL, domain management and scaling.

Even better news – It’s free. That’s right, we’ve made it free, just like the open source version and our analytics plugin, it’s all free to use.

Why? Well, we found that what really matters for our users is an easy way to get up and running and to try out the system *quickly*. Now for a multi-API, domain-managing, traffic-shaping service platform that’s quite a lot to get running on a laptop. Our docker images and quickstarts were partial ways to address this problem, but what we’ve always needed is a way for people to *just use the damn thing*.

That’s what Tyk Cloud (beta) does. You can get started, play, experiment, even hook it all up. Then if your usage goes up (we have very flexible usage tiers), you can upgrade your account. Then when you think you’ve had enough and want to take it all in-house, guess what, you can do that too, because that software is right there, available for anyone to download, use and install.

We think it’s a pretty good way to meld the openness and freedom of open source, with the realities of keeping the bills paid, and we hope that our users see that.

Now this version of Tyk Cloud is in an open beta, since like all things, it probably has bugs, and probably needs work, so why not give it a spin? Ping me a message on twitter or get in touch with us on the community board, or just fill out the beta form on the site and I’ll send you an invite code.

Happy hunting!