Over time I’ve found several really great apps that can really help you out with your next app – these apps take a lot of the work out of handling large sections of your site and can make your life much easier when developing your next great webapp.

So here’s the list of my top 6:

6. Photologue

Possibly the best image handling app out there, this wonderful application will manage your image library efficiently, take care of resizing automatically and dynamically generate and cache the various thumbnails you use for your images.

Not to mention that this app will also watermark and add effects to any uploaded image automatically depending on how you set up your treatments. Definitely worth a look if you’re allowing users to upload content such as avatars of photos

5. Django-mailer

This little app can replace your send_mail function, if you have a site that send out a lot of notifications and you’re worried about your apps performance while sending thousands of emails – use this helper to queue outbound messages and defer sending to a cron job that ensures you maximise the efficiency of your app.

Mailer will allow you to completely customise your email templates in a very straightforward way, taking into account html, text based and even subject-line templates.

4. Django S3 Storage Engine

Although not an app in itself, this short piece of code will enable you to store all your files on Amazon’s Cloud-based storage service S3 (Simple Storage Service). Not only will it ensure your user-uploaded files are kept safe from a server malfunction, but it also allows you to optimize your site if you chose to use Amazon’s CloudFront CDN

3. Django-Paypal

Sometimes you want to get your app up and running as fast as possible, and when it comes to taking payments it can often be a painful and long-winded process to get your provider fully integrated. This app will let you drop various paypal buttons right into your code and take care of all the hand-shaking and IPN functionality for you – meaning you can focus on getting the user flow working instead of worrying whether the callbacks are returning the correct headers!

2. Orbited / Twisted

Though not a django app – this simple python based framework and server will enable you to very quickly develop real-time (asynchronous) applications such as chat and data-push. It is quick to set up, plays very nicely with django’s development server and can be run on multiple platforms. Definitely worth taking a look if you’re into COMET/Real-time development

1. Django-registration

Definitely a must for any web project – getting a smooth user sign-up process going is important, and this app will streamline it for you, from sign-up to email verification this app is the best way to get your visitors using your site.

Honorary mention: Threadlocals

This piece of code will make it nice and easy to pull the current user into non-view based code (e.g. ModelManagers and model functions)

What are your best tips / time savers for your django apps?