Jively - post images and video from your mobile phone

It’s been very quiet on this blog recently – mainly it’s been down to a new website I’ve been working on – http://jive.ly.

It’s purpose:

I wanted a place to update my social network accounts with images and videos from my phone, without having to hook up third party services like twitpic, also I really wanted to be able to just post videos straight to the web – and yes, I realise it’s possible to do this with Youtube, but YT doesn’t update my twitter of facebook status with my new media…

Nonetheless, this is how the site originally started life. An email extraction script married to ffmpeg bunged onto a django interface. Nice and elegant, like a car wreck.

Eventually I started adding more functionality to it, such as twitter-like feeds, following and tagging – along with all the messaging capabilities (@replies, direct messages etc.)

What is interesting to note about Jive.ly:

  1. It _doesn’t_ use Pinax
  2. It has a (barebones) RESTFul JSON API, which enables most of it’s jQuery goodness (based primarily on simplejson, nothing else)
  3. It’s video features are mainly handled by ffmpeg (but not the python wrapper – it’s libs are way too old)
  4. It uses django-registration, django-profiles and django-invitiation for it’s user sign-up, out of the box with no mods
  5. It has full support for oEmbed – still working on becomming a provider

Some of the code that I’ve featured here before is part of the site – such  as the Gogole Maps and GPS extraction code.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be running a series on building jive.ly – the first installment of which will be a pseudo follow-up on the SOAP Api article – this time on how to implement a RESTFul API with JSON output with django, that also supports JSONP.

BTW: I’m giving away 100 invitations to Jive.ly – if you’d like to bag one just dm me on twitter (@lonelycode) and I can hook you up.