Is it just me or is there a serious dearth in eCommerce options for Django? Recently I have been searching for a decent e-commerce frameworkand naturally I was immediately drawn to what seems to be the ideal solution: Satchmo.

Unfortunately Satchmo is a serious pain to install, not only that, it has nine (9!) seperate dependencies that need installing (imagine developing on a Windows box and deployng on Linux – that’s 18 seperate installs just to get it running) – not to mention the butchering of your nice and clean just to get the deom’s working.

Although it is scaleable and very structured I think it’s a solution which suggests an everything-including-the-kitchen-sink style approach – and this may piss some fans off – I feel it goes against the grain, it’s a framework-on-a-framework to build e-commerce sites – surely just installing osCommerce or ZenCart would be simpler than all this pain (Ah! But these are just as bad – installing PHP libraries can, in some cases, involve recompiling Apache, Yay!).

I’m not ranting against the efficacy of Satchmo, I’m sure it is an excellent platform, but for what it offers (a lot!) and for what I need (very little!), it just seems too much pain for a very small payoff when I could just roll-my-own.

Anyway, I thought it pertinent just to mention some of the solutions I’ve found that are alternatives to Satchmo, should you require something more lightweight:

1. djWarehouse - still in development – a full ecomemrce store solution right-out-of-the-box. Different to the Satchmo bottom-up approach (which requires knowledge of Python to integrate all the aspects) this is more like a traditional ecommerce product which is end-user orientated – just in django.

2. django-cart – Not really an ecommerce solution, however it will handle a shopping cart and integrates with PayPal and Google checkout, which is good enough for any small site that’s just getting started.

3. django-djopping – thanks to Jiri Vanmeerbeeck for this tip (and the next one) – abnother alpha-stage shopping cart, might be worth following this one!

4. rf-django-apps – another alpha project being built around shopping – although not much documentation.

And that’s it! If anyone else knows of ecommerce projects in django let me know!