Diamond film from tequila – cheap manufacturing for alternatives to silicon wafers: as much as this story is very ammusing it makes me conscious of the odd origins of computing and electronics…

  1. The intial turing machines (the forefathers of modern computing) came from applications in measuring the trajectory of artillery
  2. Packet switching networks were developed by the military arm of the US government: DARPA
  3. GPS was another millitary technology a la the US, did you know there is a control code to switch the whole thing off in times of war?
  4. Did you know that James Clarke Maxwell developed the theory of Electromagnitism way before there were practical applications for it? – it fell to the Queen of England to suggest the need for a device so her voice could be heard across the country before his theories were actually applied to radio.

It’s a well-known fact that most electronics breakthroughs come from millitary applications, just take a look at some of the wierder darpa projects.

BTW, the picture above is from wikipedia