Admittedly as the results roll in on Cuil it seems all is not rosy, and my previous aggressive stance against the naysayers is looking unfounded… to be honest though I do think that the ridiculous complaints that were surfacing at first were retarded, and I stand by my opinion that any egotist that searched for their own obscure piece of software to ensure their name is enshrined in the eternal hallows of search engine immortality is mentally regressive.

However – upon further inspection it seems that Cuil really did f*ck up – the Register just mentioned how they managed to burn through their $33 million worth of VC money on eating out and snacks, trying aptly to apply a googlesque work ethic to a company with no legs.

With that in mind, one can’t help but wonder what kind of bsuiness-sense allowed this to happen, and what VC was apathetic enough not to notice.

I still – honestly – like what Cuil is trying to do, I just wish they’d do it better. It’s always hard to go against the norm and prioduce something different, but to do so and not do it well is lazy and wastefull.

I’m looking forward to a real competitive battlefield where Google isn’t sending out 90% of traffic, there’s nothing worse than resting an entire industry on the proper functioning of another service. But Cuil missed the boat on this one… simple mistakes and an obvious lack of testing left it with a pretty UI but terrible results, here’s hoping the public lynching will teach them to improve their service.

Although recovering from a PR disaster such as this would be nothing short of a miracle.